How To Make A Christmas Ornament Wreath

I made this wreath this year to match our multi-colored theme indoors.  I love make a door arrangement of some kind that matches what people will see on the inside.  It gives a little taste of what is to come.


• wire wreath form (you can get this at any craft store)
• paddle wire (also at your local craft store)
• wire cutters
• hot glue gun
• assortment of ornaments in different shapes and colors (I bought these from Walmart at the end of the season, they were 75% off.  These ones are also shatterproof, but you can use any ornaments that you like)



Wrap paddle wire around the wire wreath form – this will give you more surface area for the ornaments to sit on.


Start gluing the largest ornaments first – you can do this in a pattern or randomly.


Then continue on to the next largest size ornaments


Fill in the gaps with the smaller ornaments

When you are finished you will bask in the glory of your custom designed ornament wreath.

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